Pac-Man Stop Motion Video

I haven’t seen a lot of stuff related to Pac-Man lately. It could be because I haven’t been looking, or maybe Pac-Man is lacking heat these days. If you just love Pac-Man and can’t get enough of him, then you’ll be delighted to watch a really short Pac-Man stop motion video.

Created by YouTube user eryth0rbic ((YouTube Channel)), the stop motion video is actually a project for a photography class. There isn’t much happening except for what Pac-Man always does: run around eating those pellets all the while avoiding the deadly ghosts. Still, the video is something that can amuse you, albeit temporarily, on a lazy Friday morning (or afternoon, depending on when you get to read this).

Oh, the creator of this Pac-Man stop motion video says it took him around 2 to 3 hours to sculpt the creatures and the entire setup, then about an hour to shoot the video, and then about 3 to 4 hours to edit. There are around 100 frames for the game, while the credits is simply sped up video and not stop motion. If you ask me, that is a lot of work for less than a minute’s video! (Then again, that shows how much I know about making videos. I just enjoy watching them.)

What did I say? Temporary distraction, yes? I do have to say that the sculpted creatures made me want to dig out the clay my nephews play with. Maybe creating my own stop motion video will do me some good.

What do you think of this Pac-Man stop motion video? Cool or a waste of time?

Featured photo via raider3_anime

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