Panasonic Mood Phone

Ever wish your phone had a built-in lie detector so you’d know if the person on the other end is telling the truth? Well, Panasonic has recently released a mood phone, the P702iD â??Mood Tank.â? The phone displays different colors onscreen depending on the perceived mood of the person on the other end. This is detected through voice patterns (such as pitch changes, speed, etc.). It’s kind of like the mood rings we used to play with as kids, only more high-tech.

Imagine canceling dinner plans with your girlfriend to go out with your drinking buddies. If these were done over the phone, the new Panasonic P702iD â??Mood Tankâ? would detect your voice patterns and display an appropriate color indicating that youâ??re lying.

This would be the ultimate tool for boyfriends or girlfriends checking out their significant others. I sure hope this phone doesn’t bring big trouble to anyone. Imagine if you were calling in sick and your boss discovers you’re lying!

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