Panasonic unveils wireless 5.1 headphones

By Mel


I love listening to music. Whenever I find the time (no distractions like a wife or a hyperactive three year old) I settle onto the sweet spot of my room and play my CDs on my trusty music system. The openness of a great pair of speakers paired with a well balanced amp is just pure joy. But then these moments are quite few and far between. That’s why I sometimes rely on headphones for listening to music. But then it’s not really the most comfortable setup because I always feel tethered to my system because of the headphones connected to the amp. Wireless headphones would be a great improvement on the situation but traditional wireless headphones sound like crap.

Panasonic though wants to establish a bit of a headway in the headphones department. It’s RP-WF5500 wireless headphones claim to be able to produce Dolby 5.1 surround from within the environment of your two ears. To hear is to believe but if it does deliver on its promise then it really deserves a second look. This will be a great complement not only for audiophiles but for movie addicts who cannot crank up the volume at night or with other people around. The headphones can reportedly work from as far away as 60 meters and for six hours between charges.

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