The latest episode of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (PSG) was a real treat for mecha fans as the first half was packed with transforming robots and machine violence. The whole thing was a parody of the Transformers series, with two robots at war crashing into the Earth. Their cores are then eaten by Panty and Stocking, who turn into robots themselves.

With their newfound powers, Panty and Stocking both enlist the help of robots from everyday objects in their rooms. Some of the robots very closely resemble the actual ones in Transformers, but a few of the more hilarious robots to transform are the condombots and the bigdildobot. With the formation of the Pantybot and Stockingcon factions, sibling robot rivalry is taken to the extreme.

At first, the two sides battle over trivial things like who gets what’s in the fridge and who can use the washroom.

Keep in mind that this is PSG we’re talking about here, and it wouldn’t be right if there was nothing naughty implied. Things start to heat up when the Stockingcons send in a spy dressed as a sexy race car to seduce Panty. Little do the Pantybots know that the spy is actually wired to self-destruct after screwing Panty with his screwdriver (literally).

An all-out war ensues, with both sides ready to fight to the bitter end. However, they’re both interrupted with the appearance of a ghost. I was half expecting Panty and Stocking to transform into robot angels, but apparently the angel transformation turned them back into biological beings.

If PSG can keep up with providing crazy, yet hilarious content like this, I’m sure it’s bound to be one of the top series of the year.

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