Paramagnetic Paint: Push Button to Change Car Color

By Dave

Ever watched those movies where the crooks are running away, and the police report that the car is blue, and then they drive it through a car wash and the car comes out red? Well, paramagnetic paint won’t need a car wash to allow you to change your car’s color.

*Disclaimer: Forever Geek doesn’t condone theft or running away from the police. Be a good geek.

From Autoblog:

The variable-color paint works this way: prior to paint, the body gets a special polymer coating that’s got paramagnetic iron oxide particles in it. When a current passes through this coating, the ferrous particles change their alignment, which alters the way they reflect light, effectively changing the car’s color. The default color when the car’s not running is white, which hints at a future of exceptionally bland parking lots if this technology takes off.

I think this is a really cool concept, and would love to see it get to the mainstream level. It could also, unless I am not understanding the technology, allow for different areas of the car to be different colors allowing people to make some interesting designs.

What two colors would you pick for your car? Do you think this is interesting technology and will we ever see this technology get to the consumer market?

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