Path of Exile Getting Started Guide

One of the biggest things that Path of exile smashes every time is the amount of depth and details it puts into every aspect of the game. PoE takes customization to a whole new level, allowing you to tailor everything from your skills to the endgame content.

Getting to Know Skills

Instead of using your selected class, Path of exile skills are determined by your gear. You will require a Skill Gem for almost every skill. A Skill gem is an item that can be combined with specific jewelry, weapons, and armor. You’ll have no problem equipping it so long as you meet the Skill Gem’s level requirements and attributes.

Skill Gems need to go with the corresponding colors to align with the gem socket you are attempting to equip it with. For example, let’s take a green or white socket; you can only use a green Dexterity-focused Skill Gem. There are plenty of sites to buy PoE Currency so you can purchase new gems and items. Hover over an item’s socket, and this will depict which Skill Gem color is needed.

Head to the options menu and turn on ”Always Show Sockets” which will always show gem sockets on items.

You’ll be able to see newly equipped skills at the bottom-right area of your play screen in your skill bar. Select the skill bar to quickly change your skills’ input and then select the skill you wish to use in that input.

Select A Build To Meet Your requirements

Those new to the Grinding Gear Games title should do some research or seek advice before creating a new build. This is because there are so many elements that make for successful PoE gameplay.

It’d be worthwhile identifying your desired class or skill and finding a guide that helps you. Let’s suppose you chose to make a bow build, it would be useful to find a guide that utilizes the Ranger Class. For someone that wishes to disintegrate their enemies by firing chain lightning, the Arc Skill would be the build you’d need to check out.

There is no point in checking out guides that focus on insane damage numbers or endgame content, as most of these builds are incredibly complex and expensive and are not ideal for new players. Easy-to-follow guides that are in-depth are much better.

Choosing a Path of Exile League

There are seasonal game modes known as Leagues that players can jump into, as well as the usual Hardcore modes you’d expect from an ARPG title.

The following game modes are present in Path of Exile:

  • Standard: this game mode ensures the economy and characters do not reset, and you’ll only got a penalty when you die at higher ranks.
  • Hardcore: If you die in this mode you’ll have your character placed back to Standard – so be careful!
  • League: The economy and game world has only been created recently in leagues. Players that end a League are sent back to Standard, and the game mechanics are vastly easier to exploit.
  • Hardcore League: The same type as a regular League, except your character is switched to Standard if you die.
  • Solo Self-Found: This challenge is optional and stops you from being able to create a party with others and stops trading. You unlock this after act 3 when you rescue the Scion. NPCs are unaffected.
  • Hardcore Solo Self-Found: Similar to the previous mode, except your character is migrated to Standard should you die.

That about covers PoE at a fundamental level. We hope you’ve found this guide useful. Drop us a line in the comments with any questions.

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