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My wife doesn’t do much on the computer other than email, but she occasionally sells a dog online or something and wants to use my PayPal account to get the money. But she always wants to charge the buyer extra so that if she asks for $100, she’ll actually get $100, not $96.80, after PayPal takes their fees. So anyway, guess who she asks to handle that and figure up all of that information for her…

So anyway, after doing that more than a few times for her, myself, and other people, I decided to make a site that would do it for me. So here it is.

“The Fee Calculator”:

You can enter an amount like $100 and it will tell you what to charge to make sure you still have that much after PayPal’s fees are taken out. Or you can find out how much you’ll have left if you charge someone a certain amount.

It’s super simple, and lacking in fancy features, but it’s faster than a calculator, and isn’t bogged down with a lot of eBay junk like a couple of similar sites out there.

It’s only the second thing I’ve programmed from scratch, so it was a fun little project for a few hours anyway.

Thanks to JC, fellow FG editor, for helping me with a few areas that I had trouble with.

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