Since the first episode of Peacemaker aired, one question is continuously asked, “What is the Project Butterfly?” Although, a lot about Project Butterfly has already been told to us in the series, here’s everything cumulated about what it is all about.

Five months after his hardship with Task Force X, Smith a.k.a Peacemaker is again forced to join another mission with the A.R.G.U.S squad. The mission is called the Project Butterfly and Amanda Waller is the brain behind this project. The main motive of the squad is to eliminate the humans who have been mutated by these Butterflies.

Peacemaker | Vigilante Teaser | HBO Max

Peacemaker | Vigilante Teaser | HBO Max

Peacemaker Project Butterfly: Everything We Know So Far

As the name suggests, these creatures look like Butterflies. They enter the human and take full control over their body and mind. Also, the Butterflies alter the physicality of the humans they take over. The infected person gets physically strong and grows a long tube-like tongue to suck the special food that they call raw amber fluid. As revealed in the show further, not only these Butterflies can infect a human but can also take over animals. This can be seen in the case of Charlie The Gorilla.

Now, what do these Butterflies want and where do they come from? The clear answer to this question is given in the recent episode 6 of Peacemaker. After Adebayo figures out the real identity of Clemson Murn, he tells that the Butterflies invaded the earth because their own planet is dying. Murn further tells that the real objective of the Butterflies was just to live a normal life on Earth disguised as humans. But then their queen who took over U.S Senator Goff’s body made a plan to dominate the Earth. The long-term plan of the Butterflies will definitely be to take over the earth by eliminating all the humans.

Eliminating the Butterflies is quite easy, just blow their head off and they are dead. But the hard part is to identify them. Even after taking over someone’s body, the outer appearance remains the same. This includes their voice, how they talk, how to walk, everything. With the X-Ray vision helmet of Peacemaker, it’s easy to differentiate between a human and a Butterfly. Using the same helmet, Adebayo found out that Mr. Murn is a Butterfly.

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