Appealing yet Cumbersome: Penclic D2 Corded Mouse Review

When we got the Penclic D2 corded (pen shaped) Mouse to review, many of us at the office were up in arms about who was gonna get to use and review it. After a really violent hour or two in-office, I walked away with the mouse tucked under my arm and a bloodstained shirt, but it was worth it? Why were we all so adamant about getting it?

Well, first off, it is sexy as hell. Second, it looks like an extremely unique take on something we are all already so familiar with, and on top of it:


You had me at Swedish design. But now for the tough part. She looks pretty but can she dance? Read on to find out.

Penclic D2 Corded Mouse Review

Penclic Design

Yes, all the buttons you know and love are still there…. AND MORE!

The design of this mouse is really something else. It is like looking at sci-fi tech from the future that we somehow already have. It basically looks like a pen with a tiny mouse attached at the bottom. Though the pen looks rigid in the box, it was a bit more limp than we expected when we got our hands on it, but you get accustomed to that rather quickly.

Even (hell, especially) the packaging really is sleek and sexy. I had it on my desk unopened for a few days and you could feel the stares. Standing aloft in a plastic display case, it kind of feels like having the Porsche version of the typical mouse, and others take notice, too.

So How Does it Handle?

Got to take a look from behind, too. Get a true feel for the whole thing.

My first gripe (though there won’t be many) is that this beauty is corded. I know, I realize this being wireless would’ve made it incredibly expensive, but when the cost is already fairly high ($60-$70 U.S), adding on a little more wouldn’t affect the people paying that much for a mouse, anyway. And sometimes, with a mouse as well designed as this, a cord ends up feeling more like an anchor than anything else. Going wireless would’ve taken the appeal of this mouse even higher

But the real setback is…

Steep Learning Curve (to Get Good At It)

Yeah, make no mistakes. She takes a minute to get used to and to get good at.

I write for this site and a bevy of others, so when I sign up to use a new mouse, you KNOW it is getting useage, and the Penclic D3 mouse was no exception. Two weeks work, about 25,000 words typed, and maybe 120 work hours, logged. What I can tell you is, I am NOW in love with this mouse and cannot imagine going back to the clunky, older design. But in the same breath, I won’t lie. It took me a bit to get there. At first, I was frustrated. A feeling NOT uncommon when getting used to new tech, but we all have been basically mousing the same since grade school. What the Penclic mouse does is act more like a, well, pen. Though you need to use the mouse-shaped base, when you get good enough, you will be zooming around pages with greater ease than you ever had before.

But man, your first week or two with this thing is tough, I cannot undersell that. To RETEACH yourself a new method of doing something a certain way that you have been doing a different way for all your life is not easy, and that is what this mouse requires. When you first grab it, it will NOT go where you want it to go. Though you will want to blame the mouse, that is just unlearning the old way and like I said, that takes a minute.

Be patient with it and yourself, it pays off in spades.

But Once You Get Good At it, So Worth It

I am using this video as a metaphor.

Though it doesn’t fully operate like a pen and doesn’t fully operate like an old mouse would, that means YOU have to get used to how it works, how it leans. How sometimes, especially the first few hours, you will be hitting the buttons a LOT (as they are on the handle and people with bigger fingers may have trouble not hitting them).

So at first I found it unresponsive, but remember, video game journalists don’t review games after playing level one. They beat the ENTIRE game and THEN judge it, so I had the master this thing before passing judgment. Once mastered, going back to old-school mousing now seems hilarious and unlikely to me. The Penclic mouse’s ergonomic design will grow on you, but you need to have the patience to get there. Don’t give up after an hour. Or even a day. Mess around, come back, mess around, come back, but getting used to it is worth it. Would you rather drive a Lamborghini or a Fiat? Well, the Lambo’s are not easy to drive you know, but SO worth it. That kinda sums up this mouse, too.

And I mentioned that it’s ambidextrous, right? As in left and right-handed people can both use it with equal ease? Well boom, think I just sealed the deal for you!

Overall Review 8.5 out of 10

  • Sexy as Hell
  • Wickedly Unique Swedish Design
  • Offers Deft Handling Once Accustomed
  • Affordable for What is Being Offered
  • BUT STEEP (like Dark Souls steep) Learning Curve and Patience Required.

So in the end, she may feel a little cumbersome at first, but so is everything that we are brand new at, and that does not reflect the tech. What we really have here is a cool reinvention of the (mouse) wheel and one that was long overdue.


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