Penny Arcade VS Electronic Arts - FIGHT!

Penny Arcade, more commonly known for their Web Comic (and now, real comic also) have recently released an article pointing out some sleazy moves that EA has been making lately with XBox 360 games. In short, they’re trying to make users pay to unlock content that is inside the game DVD they bought:

Major Nelson (his real name cannot be pronounced by the human tongue) does press on a single issue: selling unlocks that come free with last gen games. Chip doesn’t tell us that EA hasn’t charged for codes that are free on other systems, rather, he tells us that he doesn’t know whether they have or not. You will, I hope, forgive my incredulity. Is the Vice President of Online Commerce too low on the totem pole? Maybe there’s someone else there willing to tell us what five seconds on GameFAQs could – that you unlock golfers and courses with a single code on the original Xbox, and on the 360 you also enter a code, except that code is your credit card number, at which point they take your money. Make a note of it for your next dissembling, tell-nothing interview.

Quite frankly, I’m starting to like EA games less and less. I’ve been playing Need for Speed Carbon lately, which used to be one of my favorite racing games, is pretty much the same as the 3 previous versions except for some (very few) tweaks here and there. It’s an ok, fun, arcade-racer, but don’t except much more than that from it.

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