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Why This Perfectly Balanced Thanos 3D Mug Should Be Yours

Fun isn’t something one considers when drinking coffee or hot cocoa, but they ought to put a smile on your face. When you’re also busy conquering the universe so you can finally bring peace and prosperity to its ungrateful denizens, one needs to partake in refreshments. It just so happens that no other liquid vessel is worthier of your drinks than the Thanos 3D mug!

You can’t always agree with the Mad Titan, but you’ll want to bow before him nonetheless. So, we give you that opportunity in the form of the Thanos 3D mug, behold:

100 percent officially licensed by Marvel, made out of ceramic, 650ml liquid capacity, and not dishwasher or microwave safe. It’s also hand-painted, by whom? Thanos’ minions maybe. In any case, you’ll have to hand wash it– Thanos needs all the loving care he can get. Who knew he could be so fragile and picky? The whole mug is colored purple and the front face showcases Thanos’ shiny purple maniacal facade complete with the weird chin.

It may or may not break in half if you drop it. Nevertheless, it will hold the power of your morning pick-me-up brew or other similar drinks. Regardless of where you plan to use or take the Thanos 3D mug, it’s perfect for your Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) marathon nights. After all, there are 23 of them (and counting) and there’s no way you could last that long without beverages. Who better to serve you your drinks other than Thanos’ severed head on a mug?

If we were you, we’d stop prolonging the inevitable and grab our own Thanos 3D mug. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna cost you your daughter or everything; the mug only retails for $16.

Go for the head as Thor should have.


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