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The Periodic Table of Tech

It’s always an exciting day for us when we discover a new periodic table, and when the guys of The Beacon approached us with a new, interactive Periodic Table of Tech…well, Happy Birthday to us!

To the everyday person, the periodic table is rarely applicable in everyday life. While you may recognize a handful of the elements – others are seemingly just big words that you’ll never encounter. In reality, however, these elements are used in technology that gets used every day.
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Love your high-speed internet? Erbium is used in fiber-optic cables that transmit data through light. Ever hear of gadolinium? Unless you are a scientist or engineer, you probably haven’t, but it is used in everything from CDs to computer memory to MRIs.

The Beacon has put together a periodic table of tech to help you discover the uses of all the elements in everyday technology. You can see the infographic version below or the interactive version on The Beacon.

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Meet the Periodic Table of Tech

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