Peripherals or Hardware - What to upgrade first?

When it comes to technology you can never be up to date. Especially with gaming, which requires some next level precision. After all, technology is constantly shifting, so you need to always keep up with the recent releases and developments. Computing is a critical amalgamation of software and hardware, and both of these aspects should be perfectly in sync to provide an optimized experience.

Tech cannot be taken for granted. It requires a great deal of care while tinkering with it and deriving the perfect combinations when upgrading.

The notorious debate revolving around what sort of upgrade to get – peripherals or hardware? – has been around since time immemorial. Sure, both of them are technically hardware improvements, but the important difference lies in the efficiency. An external mounted peripheral cannot be compared to an internally embedded piece of hardware.

Dividing Your Budget Through Out The Upgrades

A peripheral that is commonly used is a computing mouse. If a significant amount is invested in just a mouse from your budget already assigned for the PC build that you have in mind, then the performance – or rather the functionality of the mouse – would not weigh more than the functionality of a full-fledged SSD hard drive or a GPU. Another common comparison would be “wants” vs “needs”, which represent another aspect of human nature. Generally, it would not be a cost-effective approach if you invest in a gaming mouse worth $90 rather than to invest in a better casing, hard drive, or cooling system (all of which kind of prolong and alleviates the overall life expectancy of a PC).

Peripherals Or Hardware?

The main question asked by a lot of new PC enthusiasts is: What should we upgrade first?

Well, without a second thought, the answer is “Hardware”. You should first upgrade your computer’s hardware because that’s the heart of your setup. Processor, RAM, GPU, PSU, motherboard, and a decent CPU cooler should be your first considerations when upgrading. After you take care of these, you can move on to peripherals.

The reason behind this is that a generic piece of peripheral provides the same functionality as the expensive one. An expensive mouse and a generic cheap mouse function the same way technically. That’s not the case in hardware, every piece of hardware is unique and gives its own benefits in a lot of ways.

Don’t Forget Storage

We see a lot of people disregard storage upgrades when upgrading their PCs. In reality, storage is also a piece of hardware, and it should never be ignored. A good SSD is the key to running your computer at blazing fast speeds, and seamlessly as well. While you’re investing on CPU, GPU, and PSU similar hardware, a storage upgrade is a must too.

When upgrading, it is best to do some groundwork before purchasing. Check various brands and models, as well as real reviews. To make it easier for you, use resources such as Seagate’s website, which can point you to the right storage options for your specific needs.

Now, if you’re all set to upgrade your PC – and then some – we’ve got you covered. Check out this collection of the best gaming hdds for gaming, ranging from PCs to consoles.

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