Personality Clashes

Step aside, Ewing family, this is better than Dallas ever was.

So, now we are firmly entrenched in Marvel’s summer crossover of their greatest two super-teams at each other’s throats. Isn’t it a little early for summer?

When I first heard of this particular ‘Event’, I must confess that my eyes raised heavenward, thinking that Marvel were rather scraping the bottom of the barrel. After a couple of months of advance solicitations, my enthusiasm for the whole Avengers Versus X-Men was raised by a sum total of zero (that’s zero) percent.

Now that we are two issues in and the storyline is spreading though the Marvel titles like a potent virus in a small town, I have one startling admission to make.

I’m really enjoying it.

I didn’t expect to. (Can you tell?) However, I am finding the whole AvsX thing to be entirely character driven. Although there is the obvious exposition dialogue, this is kept to a minimum, and every other comment is weighed heavily with the years of history that have passed between the major icons of the Marvel Universe. The great big bird of flame coming to destroy everything needn’t really bother; it looks like our heroes are quite capable of doing the job themselves.

There are many little gems in the latest issue, not just the eternal rivalry between Wolverine and Cyclops, but snippets of conversation between say Storm and the Black Panther, (who, to inform the uninitiated, are married). A couple torn apart by their respective loyalties, and half of the mutants not really sure that they shouldn’t actually be helping the Avengers. Or maybe Namor and the Thing, who have long been at odds. Now there is a combination as likely to erupt into fisticuffs as the Thing and the original, green, mean Hulk.

After reading the second issue, I jumped back to the early pages to have a look at who was writing this.  The answer was everybody; Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonathon Hickman and Matt Fraction, which explains the fun ride this (deconstructed) three minute window into the event we see this week.

If it keeps to this level of quality, then for once I do not mind if it is deconstructed (or in other words, milked to the last inch of its life). These guys surely know and love the characters, and it’s nice to have some sort of cosmic backdrop. This is not the Infinity Trilogy, this one will hit where it hurts.

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