Peter Molyneux Talks 'Curiosity'

Peter Molyneux gave a presentation over the weekend about his upcoming game Curiosity, showing it off live and giving a lot more details about it.

Curiosity asks you to tap on tiny cubes — alongside millions of other players — to find out what’s inside. Until now, we believed that that was it, that was the thrust of the entire game. But there’s a lot more to it than we thought.

You can either watch video of Molyneux’s presentation for yourself, or read my summary of everything he revealed about the game, below.

  • The Curiosity app will be free.
  • The giant cube is made up of 60 billion tiny cubes.
  • The interface has been cleverly designed to make tapping those cubes very satisfying: the animation, the sound effects, the speed and responsiveness.
  • Tapping faster scores combos, as does clearing an entire screen of cubes. These combos multiply as they go, and can theoretically keep multiplying forever. Combos get you virtual coins.
  • There is an in-game store full of virtual tools that you can buy with coins. The tools will help you tap more cubes, faster. If you’re too impatient to earn coins this way, you can buy coins with real-world money. But you get more than just coins if you spend money on the game. Depending on how much you spend, you might gain access to a special 22cans website, or even have yourself added as a character in 22cans’ first “big game.”
  • The game has ambient music playing in the background.
  • 22cans has full control of the entire experience, so that at any time, they can change the rules or change the cube. Molyneux says this will be used only if there’s a lack of balance or fairness in the gameplay.
  • Molyneux pledges to add new elements to the game as it goes along, based entirely on user feedback. What the fans want, the fans get.
  • Molyneux partially credits J.J. Abrams’ concept of the Mystery Box as inspiration for Curiosity.
  • You can look at stats for the big cube, to see what percentage has been removed so far or to see who’s tapped away the most tiny cubes. The catch is, you have to buy access to stats.
  • Whatever’s inside — the big, amazing secret thing at the center of the massive cube — is something that is guaranteed to forever change the life of the person who finds it. “It’s taken me twenty years to think of, and, in a way, create, the thing that’s inside,” he says.
  • Molyneux has ideas for how Curiosity could continue after the cube has been eliminated. He gave an example of the person who reaches the center putting something new there, and then restarting the cube for another round.
  • Molyneux says some of his staffers believe that the giant cube will only exist for a few days after the game arrives in the App Store. They believe millions of people will download the app and start tapping like mad, so that the cube disappears. Molyneux himself believes it will take longer.

Molyneux says that 22cans has decided on their PR strategy for the person who finds the thing at the center of the game. 22cans will not announce the name of the person who gets to the center of the cube, or what they find there. He says they’re leaving that final aspect of the game to the users. In other words, it will be up to the person who gets to the center to decide whether or not to share what they’ve found with the rest of the world, via social media.

One last thing… Molyneux says that his company’s next experiment/app is called Cooperation, and he described as “a huge game of tug-of-war.”

Curiosity has already been submitted to the App Store, and is expected to become available sometime in the next week or so.

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