Petri Dish Hamburger, Anyone?

Petri Dish Hamburger

I apologize upfront if some of you might get offended at some points which may be politically incorrect!

You know how there are some groups who think that eating meat is inhumane because of the way the animals are bred and killed? I honestly think that the arguments are not enough to sway me, and not only because I like my meat. Now torturing animals is another thing, but farm-bred animals meant for human consumption is another thing.

In any case, this is not a matter of ethics or political correctness. It is a story that boggles me as I write. If you think that McDonald’s is evil because they are “mean” to the cows they breed for the meat, but you like your hamburgers, then science might just have a solution for you in the near future: nothing less than petri dish hamburger.

The mere thought of eating meat that grows out of a lab dish is enough to disconcert me, but I am sure that if I think about it, many other things that I ingest will disconcert me as well.

Mark Post of the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands has come up with what could be a potential solution to the world’s humongous need for meat. He has been able to culture meat in the lab – in petri dishes, of course. He says that this could be a possible replacement method to provide for our need for meat, as opposed to having to breed and slaughter animals. The vascular biologist also points out other advantages such as conserving energy, land, and water, not to mention the positive effect on emissions.

Carnivores like me are probably already mentally retching. As much as I have tried to grow a liking for veggie meat and other similar substances, I just cannot come to terms with it. If this is your concern, Post says that his petri dish hamburger is way different from the fake meat that we have today. In fact, the petri dish hamburger product is just like real animal flesh. Now what doesn’t that make me feel better at all?

How about you? What do you think about this development?

More about the technology from Reuters.

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