These Pets in Halloween Costumes Might Make Your Costume Look Lame

Halloween is the time when humans go all crazy about dressing up as someone (or something) they’ve always wanted to be. But who’s to say that animals – pets in particular – can’t do the same?

Sure, pets can’t dress themselves up, but some owners go the extra mile to make sure their pets are part of the fun. Here are some pets in Halloween costumes that just might put yours to shame. All cred to their owners!

1. Harry Potter


How can you not love this adorkable dog? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll definitely appreciate the details in the photo – from the costume to background items. The only thing missing is the lightning mark on his forehead.

2. The Mariachi


I have a confession: I’ve always wanted to be a mariachi singer (or even just the one holding the maracas), even if only for an hour. That’s why I think this dog is too cute. Look at how he holds his string instrument! And those eyes…He really does look like a mariachi player – if there were animal mariachis.

3. The Traveling Gnome

I’m not a fan of gnomes, but they do have a following. If you’re one of them, then you’ll love this dog gnome costume. I’m pretty sure you can’t get the dog to stand still as the ornamental garden gnomes do, though. This one’s from Etsy, so if you have a small to medium sized dog, you can buy it for $37.99.

4. Animal Planet Raptor Pet Costume

Another costume you can purchase (for $20.95) is this Raptor costume. I don’t know about you, but Jurassic Park made quite an impact on me, so if I were to dress my dog up, I’d probably go for this; and with how fast one of my dogs are, he’ll definitely be like a Raptor. It’s available from X-small to Large.

5. Lord Crab of Crabbington Hall


So far, we’ve only had dogs, but who says crabs can’t be pets and dressed up in Halloween costumes as well? Look at this crab. He does look like a lord, doesn’t he?

6. Batkitty


Of course, there has to be a cat included, and boy, does this kitty give you the creeps or what? I don’t know, but it makes me think of Batman and Catwoman, albeit creepier.

7. Skeleton Horse


I think we can all agree that this takes home the cake for pets in Halloween costumes. With the owner dressed like that, anyone’s argument is invalid.

Have you dressed up your pets in Halloween costumes before? Are you doing it this year? Share your photos with us!

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