This New Portable Gaming System (PGS) May Be What We've Been Waiting For

If you love to game on the PC, you figure out that you are limited in what you can do. There are systems that are out there that allow you to stream games to your device but you need to be close to your computer.

What if someone was to make a portable device that would allow you to run some of the high-end games? I caught up with Portable Solutions to ask them some questions about their Portable Gaming System (PGS) which may very well be the next big thing in the niche.

1) Please introduce yourselves.

My name is Nadir Mursalov, I’m the creator of the PGS project and the head of our PGS Lab Team.

2) What made you make the PGS?

It all started from my dream – to give people, including gamers, a universal gadget which would be a mix of a portable gaming console capable of running PC games, a powerful smartphone for daily use, and a portable PC.

And it should fit in your pocket. My knowledge and skills in electronics, gadgets, and gaming help me a lot to achieve it. Only the best ideas, opportunities, technologies had been analyzed before the concept of PGS was finally shaped. We can see people’s response to our device. Many people love the idea, they would really like to have such device. It’s not only about gamers, but also many other gadget users who value features and capabilities provided by such device.

3) Will the PGS be able to run some of the most demanding games out there?

Gaming performance and functionality of our device are sufficient for virtually all PC games ever created. Also, the Android platform deserves our attention, its games are becoming better and better over time.

Of course, due to hardware limitations, we can’t guarantee full compatibility with every PC game, especially the latest and most demanding ones, which will run only in low FPS rate. But we are working on this task, we are going to implement sort of a library of configurations for various games, allowing to use the device hardware in a more flexible way, leading to optimization of each game. Also, we are going to conduct testing of various games. We accept requests as to which games to test from our community members and, of course, we will provide the results.

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We’d like to note the device hardware is powerful enough to be able to run most games which were released for the 7th generation game consoles, providing smooth gaming in HD graphics mode and overall graphic settings higher than medium. So everyone will be able to play many interesting games on our console, including some modern and latest ones.

In addition, all classic, aged PC games ever released will be included in our library.

And of course, we do not neglect emulators, since our device is an open platform. All emulators run perfectly, including the rather demanding PS2 emulator. Moreover, we think our product will be the best solution capable of running the PS2 emulator without glitches.

4) What are the specs of the PGS?

Here you will find detailed tech specs of our device.

Going to the homepage and the blog of our official website, you will find other fresh information.

5)  Will you be able to run Windows applications on this device?

PGS will come with two preinstalled operating systems: Windows 10 and Android Marshmallow.

Therefore, all applications made for these OS-es will be fully supported. In Windows, the only probable limitation we may encounter is highly demanding programs, such as 3D design editors, which need really high-performance hardware. As for regular programs for daily use, the device will handle most of them, including office utilities, multimedia playback software. In general, the device will be able to replace your desktop PC for the foregoing purposes.

6)  What about accessories such as a keyboard ?

As we stated before, we don’t put restrictions and limitations on using our device, one is free to use any peripheral devices with PGS.

There are several ways of connection: HDMI and Miracast for connecting a monitor, USB and Bluetooth for a keyboard, mouse and gamepads. PGS uses Bluetooth 4.0, thus supporting all compatible peripherals. Also, you can connect external memory through USB and Wi-fi. Perhaps we will release some branded accessories, but it’s too early to speak about it now.

7) What are the ports available on the PGS? Will you be able to do HDMI out to play on a bigger screen?

  • USB-C Host (microHDMI combo), a combined port enabling to connect peripherals and output image to any monitor or TV with the HDMI input.
  • MicroSDXC (up to 512 Gb), MicroSIM port for feature of calling and cellular data transmission.
  • 3.5 mm headphone/microphone combo port for connecting headphones, headsets.

8)  Will you be able to stream to this device as well as play games on it?

By means of Windows 10 and Android, you can use any existing service for video and audio streaming. Now your favourite services, such as Twitch or Netflix, will always be in your pocket…Game content streaming…

When using our portable device, you will be able to stream games by means of Steam In-Home Streaming. Fans and owners of modern game consoles will also benefit from streaming feature. Our device will support streaming from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Windows 10 provides such feature.

Also, we shouldn’t forget about streaming services such as Nvidia Grid.

They are now undergoing rapid development and provide game content after subscription. You can stream games in FullHD and high graphics settings, even such heavyweight games as Witcher 3 or Batman Arkham City.

9) What about the battery life? Will this have a decent battery life?

* Li-Po 6120 mAh in Hardcore version.

* Li-Po 4080 mAh in Lite version.

According to our tests of Hardcore version, such capacity is sufficient to provide 5 hours of gaming with the second display being switched off. It will be possible to switch the second display off when not using it, in order to save power. We think the provided numbers are quite decent, exceeding those of other handheld consoles.

10) When will the PGS be released?

The world release of our device is going to occur at the end of the first quarter of 2017, presumably in March. By that time we are planning to arrange delivery of the first batches of the device, which were previously pre-ordered. Later on, PGS will be sold on such marketplaces as Amazon and Gearbest. Also a significant part of our plan is selling our device through the largest retailers all over the world.

11) What is the price point on this device?

Currently, we offer pre-orders. The corresponding link is placed on our official website.


  • PGS Light – $229
  • PGS Hardcore – $299
  • PGS Hardcore Titanium – $599

We are not greedy, we are trying to make the console available for a wide audience. However, the prices will become higher once the device enters the retail market. It is mostly due to rising logistics expenses and interest payments to retailers.

So there you have it! A gaming solution where you can take your games on the go without having to lug around a heavy laptop. Will this be everything that Portable Solutions say it is and more? Only time will tell!

Editor’s note: This post was written by Thomas Riccardi. He was born in Manhattan on a cold and wintery day and now lives in sunny and warm Sacramento. His parents got him an Atari 2600 one year for Christmas and he has been hooked on video games ever since. He looks forward to the new consoles that are coming out and has been amazed how far gaming has come. Follow him on Facebook.

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