Phantasy Star Universe - First Impressions

psu.jpg has posted preview of the upcoming Phantasy Star game, which will be released tomorrow in the United States. After playing the Beta, they addressed Sega’s very own Jason Kuo and asked him a few questions. Here are some of the Q&A’s I found most relevant.

1UP: How old, development-wise, was the version of the game being utilized for the Beta?
JK: At the time of the Beta, the game was pretty close to final.

1UP: While playing the Beta, we noticed problems with the latency in the game — characters stepping meters at a time, damage not showing up until half a minute later, etc. Is this one of the aspects being looked at to be fixed? Does the Xbox Live infrastructure play into this at all?
JK: Latency has, and will likely continue to be a problem for any online game in the near future. We have made numerous optimizations to reduce latency problems and we will continue working in this area to minimize the latency effects as much as possible. We do not believe the Xbox Live infrastructure play comes into this at all.

1UP: The Beta crashed when we were attempting to do various tasks such as visiting the private rooms of friends, utilizing the Xbox 360 guide, etc. Do you foresee all crashes along these lines able to be fixed by launch or near launch? Do you anticipate more bug patches in the coming months?
JK: We hope to have these crash issues fixed by launch, and in fact, you can see that some of them have already been resolved on the public Beta itself. It would be naive for us to believe that we wouldn’t need to do a patch in upcoming months, so yes, we would expect at least one patch to be made available in the coming months.

Not the smoothest of starts for the upcoming MMORPG, however, despite all the glitches in the “beta” 1Up said and I quote:

when the Beta runs as it is supposed to, it has proven to be an exceptionally enjoyable experience

Let’s hope that they fix most of those errors otherwise people will fail to see it as a decent contender in the MMORPG market.

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