Philips simplicity event

Philips showed off today various different concept gadgets that could very well become normal items of your household. Some of these will even be released during the next year in the United Kingdom so be sure to keep a lookout in case your interested in any of them. I might be getting a few of these myself :)

Have you ever felt like you needed a personal trainer, but you never have the time or money to consult one? Well this little device could be just the thing for you. This device records your weight, body fat ratio, hydration levels, body shapes and tell yours every day what you should eat and how much you should work out.

It will probably cost more than a personal trainer would for a few months, but in the long run I think it’s worth it.

This ambient light imitates the sun’s cycle, can be adjusted to make the days (“sunshine”) longer and can change color, however, from the picture in question it looks like it’s a bit too dark to work on a computer.

If I showed this gadget to my parents they’d certainly start laughing, because you see, when I was a wee little boy I was an “artist” who liked to make such wall decorations, except these didn’t come off at a click of a button like this one. This is a light emitting pen that can be used on almost any surface and with a computer program you can even animate the drawn images. This is definitely one of the best gadgets of the bunch.

This “alarm clock” instead of giving you an annoying buzz starts lighting up slowly as if it were the sun coming in from your curtains. I doubt it would wake me up, since I usually sleep heavily, however, waking up with one of these would be much nicer than waking up with that annoying buzz every day.

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This isn’t very inovative, it’s basically like a DDR mat, except that this one lights up to encourage to make your kids jump on it instead of sitting all day in front of a computer.
Well, kids always jump around the house anyway, so at least this device gives you the advantage of knowing your kid will only be wrecking one room.

If your family likes to keep post-its on the fridge than this device is a godsent to you. It’s basically a virtual board for notes, which you can write in, put pictures as well as notes, or even use as an electronic picture frame

There are even more devices on the original site, but I found these to be the most interesting ones. However, I’m pretty sure that almost all of these will cost you a 3 or 4 digit price. But hey, at least you’ll probably see how some of these work in Mtv Cribs in a few months.

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