Phone With Wind Recognition

Straight from the Dept. of WTF comes the first phone with wind recognition. Yes, wind recognition.

Korean provider Pantech has announced the world first phone with Wind Recognition, the IM-S410 from SKT or IM-S410K from KTF.
Apparently this phone is able to recognize the amount of ‘wind blow’, its sensivity and dynamic through it’s microphone. This can then be used in internal applications like photo applications and games.

A simple example would be to blow on an emoticon during a phone call and it would be automatically send to the person on the other end.
If technology continues at this rate and level of insanity, I sense that the first phone with fart recognition isn’t far away anymore. The fart-phone will be able to not only recognize the danger level for the neighborhood, but also analyze what you ate during the last 12 hours.

I think best part of the whole presentation is the cute chick ‘blowing’ on a phone.

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