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Cable returns like we knew he would.

While preparations for the festive season no doubt eat into every spare moment, the opportunity to sit and read the weekly pull list becomes rather segmented. So this week, I thought I would review many of the titles being released this week, and maybe recommend some titles for those quiet moments once the festivities have died down and all that remains to do is digest the food. (Oh, and no doubt wash up, but that can wait.)

The first of today’s shipping is Memoir #5. I have already written of how much I love this series, and now we are swiftly approaching the conclusion. It feels like it has been too long since the last issue was released. If you haven’t tried this title, I still recommend diving in, as the story has gone from a bit weird to really dark weird.

Speaking of weird, last week’s Defenders was a bit of a disappointment really, with only hints of the storyline promised in the Doctor Strange tale in Marvel Point One. If you want your weird in Marvel flavour, grab the Vengeance mini-series, featuring the Teen Brigade among others. (A statement that hardly does the title justice, but for continuity freaks, this is a must.)

That is not to say that the Defenders #1 was bad, only standard. Still, we have been without standard Defenders fare for so long, even this is welcome; and hopefully the weirder aspects will be nurtured and grow.

Demon Knights #4 is out, and like Newsarama, I agree that as a title of the so-called New 52, there is not a lot new in this title, but it is fun, fleshing out an era of the DCU that has only ever been a back drop previously.

X-Sanction this week features the return of Cable. Remember when he was first introduced? I remember judging him has a two-dimensional mutant Punisher that fell out of the mold of Rob Liefeld’s average characters that went to populate the Image/Maximum universe. Yet over time, his character has been refined and developed so much so that when it appeared they were going to kill him off, I was actually disappointed. Yet as with all time-travelling characters, he can always return, and I look forward to reading whether this is the Nathan we just said goodbye to, or an earlier version from further up his timeline.

Speaking of the X-Men, the Uncanny X-Force completes the Dark Angel Saga this week. If you have not been following this, I highly recommend you jump on board, and grab what back issues you can find, this is mutant terrorism at its best. Meanwhile, I finally got round to reading  the first two issues of Wolverine and the X-Men, and it was not what I expected. Gone was the mutant malaise, and in its place, fun, fun, fun. This is work that Grant Morrison would be proud of if he turned his mind to comedy. I feared that I would suffer X-overload, but there is so much variety in the X-titles that I can tolerate a full dose. Now that has been a long time in coming!

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