Pig Up Is Your New Favorite Time-Waster

Pig Up by PopCap

Those devious souls at PopCap have unleashed their latest and greatest upon the populace, and it’s every bit as compulsively addictive as you’d expect.

PopCap — which was just purchased by EA Games — makers of Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, Zuma, and dozens of other wildly popular puzzle games, has released its first new IP in years. It’s called Pig Up, and it’s playable exclusively on Facebook.

You play as a pig with wooden flaps attached to his arms. You’re shot out of a canon at the start of a level, and your job is to flap those wings — by clicking your mouse or pressing the space bar — to keep the little guy afloat. Hold down the button to make him fly higher and longer, but either way, he’ll soon come back down and you’ll need to flap again. The twist is that you only have a limited number of “flaps” available, so you must choose wisely when to use them. You start off near the ground, but can flap up higher and higher way up into the stratosphere, where the dangers are greater but so are the rewards. “Flapples” float all around, and if you munch one, it adds a flap to your available tally. But there are bees that have to be avoided, or they’ll subtract from your flap count.

The game tests your skills against your Facebook friends’ in typical fashion, showing their high scores as special Flapples for you to eat and blow past. The more you play, the more goodies you unlock to upgrade your pig’s abilities.

PopCap says that this version of Pig Up is just a beta test, and that the final version will have some differences. But it seems awfully polished to me. Give it a try and see if you agree!

Pig Up by PopCap

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