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If you haven’t managed to catch the first two episodes of the Young Justice cartoon aired on the Cartoon Network before Christmas, then you have really missed a treat. Still, don’t despair, the rest of the series continues this with a repeat of the second episode this Friday.

Now I may have fallen for the sillyness that was the JLI some fifteen years ago, but when it came to the immature antics of Young Justice, I was never a fan. This however is a lot different.

Compared to the first episode of the Justice League cartoon, this is more character driven and a real treat for DC fans, or a new viewer. Falling under the former category myself, I geeked out with the way the various characters were introduced, especially Superboy and Project Cadmus. The real treat however is the inclusion of the new Aqua-Lad, only recently introduced in the ‘real’ continuity; and Miss Martian, who is a character that desperately needs fleshing out. Maybe here she will have a chance to shine.

The show was lucky enough to get some extra publicity from the Conan O’Brien Show, after a visit from Conan himself to the Warner Brothers animation studios.

Although hardly complimentary to the show, this is a moment of comedy genius, and obviously the new identity for Mr O’Brien himself as the Flaming C.

Fishnet stockings not withstanding, Young Justice shows a lot of potential, so much so it has been given its own Earth in the multiverse, Earth-16.  This may actually make Lor-Zod of Countdown:Arena homeless, but then who cares? Lor-Zod didn’t appear to have much of a history anyway.

Oh, he’s supposed to be Chris Kent? How’s that work out then?

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