Plan A Perfect Pi Day Party!

Tomorrow is March 14, 2014, and if you’ve been living under a particularly non-geeky rock, then you must have forgotten that tomorrow is Pi Day! Physicist Larry Shaw first organized this special occasion way back in 1988 and ever since then, its popularity keeps growing.

Pi Day is set to celebrate a significant milestone next year, specifically when we reach 9:26:53 AM and PM. Think about it: 3/14/15 9:26:53. (If you’re stuck, these are the first 10 digits of Pi!) If you want to know more, brush up on all things Pi over at their official site.

But enough about that. We’re here to plan a party! You have one day to throw an awesome geeky party and it should be a blast from start to finish. We’re here to give you some great ideas you can take inspiration from. All you have to remember is that when you celebrate Pi Day, you have to go all out. Go nuts. Go crazy. Go Pi Crazy!

Pi Day Food

This has got to be our favorite part of Pi Day. Here are some ways that you can celebrate this day:

  • Declare yourself a Pi-nivore and only eat food that has the word ‘Pi’ in it. Some awesome examples include pizza, pickles, pineapple, pistachios, pita bread and others. Drink pineapple juice or piña coladas!  (Puns are awesome.)
  • You can have a Pi party without pie! Bust out your recipe books and make some key lime pie, chicken pot pie, pumpkin pie, and–who can leave this out–apple pie. If you have a sweet tooth, you can find recipes for peanut butter pie. Milkshake fans should try this cool pie shake recipe too!

  • Feeling lazy? Uninspired? Don’t want to go through the whole pie-making process? Don’t fret! If you’ve got a few cupcakes, cookies, cakes or other sweets around, you can grab some icing and write ‘Pi’ on them. Don’t have any of those?… Dude, put in a little bit of effort. It’s Pi Day!

  • If you’re the creative type or have a huge amount of time on your hands, then you can try to shape your food into the pi symbol. Bake cookies, bread loaves, cakes, pancakes, or other food that can be shaped like the pi symbol!

Pi Day Ambiance

  • You don’t need to set a dress code, but you can have a costume contest wear the person with the most awesome pi-related outfit wins a prize. If they bring pi accessories, that means bonus points!

  • Put up pi streamers or stick pi stickers everywhere you can.
  • If you have children and want the party to be child-friendly, you can hold face painting sessions where you draw–what else?–the pi symbol on their faces.
  • Wear pi accessories. This idea can be taken further to include pi jewelry, such as a necklace whose beads represent the numbers in pi, carrying around a pi mug or clock, or other pi paraphernalia.

Pi Day Activities

  • Celebrate Pi Minute. There has been a lot of argument over whether Pi Minute should be celebrated at 1:59PM or use the 24-clock and celebrate it at 15:09PM (3:09PM).
  • Play a Pi memorization game! The object is to recite as many digits of pi as they can remember. The one who remembers the least gets hit with a yummy pie!
  • You can’t go wrong with a pie eating contest. Put all those fantastic decorated pies to good use!
  • Don’t forget, Pi Day coincides with Albert Einstein’s birthday! Give a worthy tribute by holding an Albert Einstein trivia game.

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