7 Games You Thought You'd Never Play Again

Video games come and go at a mind-boggling pace. It’s the way of the virtual world in an industry that pumps out hundreds of new games every year to the tune of an estimated $111 billion in annual sales for 2015 alone. Now that there are more platforms to play on than ever before, the old games quickly get shuffled to the background.

But now there’s a light on the horizon for all the games that were once popular and can now only be found on arcade machines. Teras Games is a new website that is breathing life back into the games you enjoyed as a kid as well as a few newer titles that have gone by the wayside. All the games are free to play right on your computer at any time. Here are seven games that we never thought we’d see again, but have been fanatically playing on Teras Games.

Play these classic games again

Duck Hunt

When Nintendo released its first console there were two games that everyone had to have – Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. There was something so satisfying about blasting those harmless little ducks right out of the sky. While the Teras Games version doesn’t have a gun, you can use your mouse as the trigger. It’s actually much more challenging than it seems and can take a few rounds to get the timing down.


Easily the most popular arcade game in history, Pac-Man is surprisingly absent outside of joystick game consoles. However, the developers at Teras Games have come up with an option for playing on your computer using the directional keys. Hours will undoubtedly be wasted trying to beat our best scores.

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Frogger was one of the games that really ushered in the 1980s era of gaming. It was released by the now defunct Sega in 1981 as an arcade game and instantly found a following. Now just about the only place you can find Frogger is online.

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Just as Frogger was the start of an era in arcade gaming, Doom is surely one of the games that launched desktop play. It introduced a lot of players to the first-person shooter perspective and caught a lot of crap for it. Doom is set to get a reboot in 2016, but players can enjoy the original version at Teras Games.

Mortal Kombat

It was one of the first video games to become so popular that movies, comics, TV shows and even original music were created to capture the attention of gamers when they weren’t playing. Mortal Kombat X was released this year, but it’s a far cry from the first game that introduced us to Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero and Raiden. The game created one of the best-selling fighting franchises of all time for good reason – it’s plain awesome.


While this online version is only a one-player game, it’s still a great representation of the original Joust. The game was a huge hit in arcades since it offered two-player cooperative play, which wasn’t well explored in 1982 at the time of the release. Instead of a joystick this online version of Joust lets you control the knight on ostrich-back using the directional keys.

Super Mario Bros. 2

There are several Mario games available here, but the Super Mario 2 game brings us right back to being a kid. When this game came out it really brought the Mushroom Kingdom to a new level compared to the original. Without the A and B buttons getting around can be difficult, but the game offers almost the exact same experience as playing on the Nintendo console.

Some video game franchises need to die, but not these games. They’re classics that are still just as good today as they were the first time we played them. But this is just a small sampling of the old-school games that can be played on Teras Games – no quarters needed. Check it out to find an old favorite you thought you’d never play again.

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