Play Your Games with Bitcoins and Make Profit

Some games even allow you to ‘mine’ cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was born as a reliable method of paying for goods and services without the need for third parties such as banks. Acquiring Bitcoin can be quite easy, and its adoption by physical and digital stores is increasing.

Bitcoin is digital currency support on an encrypted system and can be used as a traditional currency since the exchange can be carried out entirely safely. For this reason, it can be considered “digital money” and is beginning to be used on some platforms as an exchange currency.

Video game fans can buy titles for their preferred platforms on different websites by paying with bitcoins. Some time ago, Valve stopped supporting bitcoins as a payment method on its Steam platform, the most important in the world of video games. This was due to price fluctuations and increased commissions, although they said that they could incorporate it in the future.

Ways to make your bitcoin by playing

In the previous years, chances of investment in games using bitcoin are touching the sky which made people fear to invest in this currency. However, the trend is changing and bitcoin starts to gain fame and trust.

In the video game industry, those using bitcoin are paying more and offering more permanent contracts. One of the few examples accessible is Blockchain Game, available on the bitcoin revolution official website. This game does not have the best reviews as it consists of two types of players – the happy ones who find ease in using it and those that accuse it of fraud. Meanwhile, other initiatives are about to see the light.

Below are some other games that support bitcoin:

The Bitles

It is a game by the Meat Games team that pays its players rewards in bitcoins, just for playing fun games. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Being paid for a video game may seem like an extraordinary concept to some people, but it’s becoming increasingly popular with bitcoin and cryptocurrency fans. It’s a simple but powerful concept. The game generates revenue through ad views and then shares this revenue with its players, a great smart alternative on how to invest in bitcoins and altcoins.

Of course, this means that you have to support a lot of ads, such as the short video ads that you will see after each level, but that does not condemn the experience of playing games to get good quality, free cryptocurrencies.

Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void is described as a real-time RTS strategy game with elements of multi-layered MOBA online battles.

Players engage in 1-on-1 battles to take control of a solar system containing 6 planets and exploitable asteroid fields. Unlike other bitcoin-earning games, which have static maps, these battles take place on shifting three-dimensional terrain where planets orbit their sun exactly as they would in real life.

You come into play in the control of a planet and a mothership, which you must use to dominate the solar system. Each mothership has its own unique set of abilities, including passive skills that always work, automatically influencing ship events.

Back to Earth

Back on Earth finds itself in a world on the brink of a bloody finale, combining the fascinating concept of an “alternative reality” game with a game that uses licensed cryptocurrencies as an economic factor. The project launched a crowdfunding campaign on April 26, 2017, with a maximum limit of 750 BTC of total contributions.

With the same fun and the same innovative spirit as the game itself, participation in the crowdfund was only open to people who could find a special invitation code that would allow them to access the site.

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