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Finding a dope free game that doesn’t suck is not always easy. Most games have an agenda and just want to addict players so they can spend all their money. But every now and again an app will come out that just nails what most gamers are looking for. Right now, what is what is. No micro-transactions. No upgraded armor to buy. No “access new areas” fees. Nothing. Just a straightforward (*and frankly addicting) game that most true gamers will eat alive and truly enjoy. Which is the exact reason we are telling you about it.

What’s It All About?

For those wondering what is, it is an off-shoot of the already massively popular game, (which you can play here) The long and the short of is you are a snake, and there are other snakes and reptiles in a room. The goal is to masticate the glowing cube, which will make you a longer snake than the other (who are also people, as this is multiplayer). The goal and winner is based on which snake is the longest. Don’t let just how simplistic sounds turns you off. It is easy to lose yourself in 3 hour matches against friends without even realizing it. This game is a time-swallower, be forewarned.

Consistency Across Platforms

Maybe you play your games as apps on your phone, or maybe you prefer to play on a PC or console. Regardless, all versions of work the exact same on all mediums. From phones to PC’s to tablets, is about as “pick up and play” as anything that has come out in the ast ten years.

Heck, it’s not even bandwidth intensive, so even someone with crappy phone service and crappy internet service would still be able to play this game without any visible problems.
Too bad Arkham Knight didn’t quite work the same way, huh?

The Interface

Go play on Poki now. Some games, even the best one, can live or die based on their interface. If the main screen is all cluttered and confusing, it is hard to ignore that and just play the game. With, not only is the game simple, but the interface is barely there, making it a much more immersive experience for all who play it.

You have a little map in the corner and you know at all times who the main snake is, so what else would you need? Nothing, and this team knew this when they created it. Simple, simplistic, and addictive and fun.

Now *THAT* is how you make a mobile game.

So Give a Try is to the point where it is causing a problem in our office. We are losing hours trying to become the longest snake in the office, and pretty sure we are falling behind deadline because of it.

But how will YOU know until you try it yourself, so go play, right now.

You can thank us later. Check out this cool video to get a better feel for when you start, ensuring you being the longest snake for a long time to come.


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