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Street Artists Make Shrines To Fallen Pokemon At Pokemon Go Gym Locations

First off, Thank you Wired. In this brilliantly apropos bit (apropos because Pokemon Go is such a massive and sweeping fad right now, so much so it is almost overwhelming) they follow around street artists Dave Cicirelli and Lance Pilgrim as they put up shrineds (memorials, whatever you may choose to call them) all over New York City, in actual spots where there are gyms available in Go. It may sound silly, but if you see the amazing art style of the shrines they put in memory to these fallen (stolen?) Pokemon, you will see it is actually super-badass and kind of pokes (see what I did there) fun at all the people who are so caught up in this augmented reality game, as if their own reality is not exciting enough.

A couple things you need to factor in, in many ways, street art and nerd culture go hand in hand. From Banksy’s work (which often has Disney characters being skewered in increasingly artistic and bizarre manners) to the Andre the Giant OBEY stickers that permeated the street art scene of the 80’s and 90’s, street art and geek subculture go together like, well, see above video for a perfect example.

Oh, and a quick R.I.P to the Weedles who keep getting snatched up off my street. Poke-snatching is no joke. May they be in a better place now. Excuse me, I need to go make them a shrine. I feel it is my duty.

(H/T to LaughingSquid)

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