Police Verify PCTech4Free.com

This is one of the greatest stories I’ve heard this year (all 35 days of it). Reds098 received a laptop from PCTech4Free.com with help from Anything4Free. The problem was, as soon as he got it, his parents got suspicious. Here’s his story:

“It all started when the laptop was initially shipped to my house. I didn’t know that it had been shipped though, because I was never given a tracking number. So, when it came to my house, my parents signed for it and read the contents of the box.

I had no clue that the laptop was at my house until one of the other users, SportzStar01234 alerted me that he had received his. So, I went up to my parents room and saw the laptop box next to my parents bed.

Being the devilish kid that I am, I took the box, and started to walk down the hall to my room. My parents saw that I had the box and stopped me. They looked very serious. So, I explained to them how the site worked with all the referrals and such, and that it was legitimate. I even gave them the NY Times article and contact information to contact pctech4free.com.

My dad said that was fine, and he’d look into it, and I should get my laptop back. Well, time kept passing with me getting more and more frustrated. Finally, I was fed up. I didn’t let them know though. We got in a fight over something completely different and my parents called the cops because it was their way of getting revenge on me, I suppose. No, my family isn’t dysfunctional, we are very loving. It was just partly because they were mad, and partly because my dad couldn’t find the phone number to contact the site. So they just called the cops to get it straightened out.

Well, so the cops came. He was incredibly rude to me. He made me print out all my e-mails, explain to him how the sites worked and everything. It was a total invasion of privacy, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time, so I just did what he said. He kept literally screaming at me about felony theft.

Well, as it turns out, my 450 dollar gift card from pvps4free.com and my check from tech4free.com had also arrived. I had never know since there was no tracking on them either. My parents had taken them out of the mail without my knowledge.

And so the cop seized all my stuff, yelling at me all the while. I was extremely upset about being accused of felony theft.

The wait was on.

Finally, after two weeks, my parents called them and they said all my stuff was in fact, legitimate. So, after the paperwork cleared, I got my laptop back. However, my parents still have my gift card and check claiming that it will go into my savings account, and I won’t be able to use it until college. That’s not fine with me, but there’s nothing I can really do. I mean, I’ll get the money eventually. I have the most important thing right now, which is the laptop. And it’s very awesome.”

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