Poor Thing Thought She Getting A Romantic Pic, He Was Catching Pokemon

If you are one of those adults like me who think Pokemon Go is kinda mindless fun, read on (and gaze above). And for those adults who seem to get all ornery when it is mentioned and yell that it is”for kids and is dumb and rabble rabble” maybe you should stop reading right now. Kay? Bye.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPm_4LImJ4M&w=640&h=360]

Poor kid, born a ginger And born angry. Double curses!

Now, for all who stuck around, they say there is a clear line drawn in the sand between genders. That women are hopeless romantics and men would rather focus on themselves and a little less on the romance. Whilst that could be true in some cases, that is not a fair way to generalize genders. Some of us men are hopeless romantics and some of you ladies are more self centered. Generally, it comes down to the person. Bit if you look above, it tells a clear story using no words.

The person, in this case, tricked his girlfriend into thinking she was posing for a romantic photo while he was ACTUALLY playing Pokemon Go and catching a Jigglypuff who just happened to be nesting between his girlfriend’s jiggly puffs. So really, everybody wins in this case, especially the Jigglypuff.

But I had already told you these little bastards are everywhere in my review of Pokemon Go. I even caught some while shitting. Thing is, I apparently need to check more cleavage, and I have NO problem with that. The general public probably wont feel the same, though.

Oh well, when you gotta catch them all you gotta catch THEM ALL!

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