Pop Culture Bento Boxes Will Make You Eat More Healthily

We can’t deny it. Unless you’re a total foodie, and you have lots of time to make food or go out to restaurants, we mainly live off of easy-to-eat crap food. Pot noodles, Cheetos, more pot noodles, pizza, microwaveable meals, more pizza, and sometimes the occasional homemade pasta dish.

If you’re still living with you mom, things may be a little different, though; and if she’s anything like Ming (or bentomonsters on Flickr), then you’re not likely to suffer from malnutrition.

Ming has become an Internet sensation because of her Flickr photos of pop culture bento boxes, which she created for her son. You know how kids are when they go to school, especially for the first time…it’s difficult! Remember your first day of school?

Well, Ming’s pop culture bento boxes are awesome. Whether you’re in grade school, middle school, high school, university, a cubicle, or a basement dweller, these meals will certainly delight you.

Pop culture bento boxes



Willy Wonka


Wouldn’t you be excited to go to school/work if you were to have these creations for lunch? Then again, you’ll need mum to make this for you, unless you have the chops to make them yourself.

We love food, even if we can’t make all these yummy concoctions:

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