Chainsaw Man has introduced viewers to some powerful characters and surprisingly, one of them has been inspired by South Park’s Eric Cartman.

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man has been dominating the anime world ever since it was released in October 2022. Fans were pleased to see how the characters were transformed from a manga to an anime format, and if you thought some of their personalities looked a lot like characters seen on other shows, you may be right.

A Chainsaw Man character is inspired by South Park

Fujimoto has always drawn inspiration from shows and movies that he likes and some of them happen to be Western. In an interview that he did back in 2020, the author confirmed that the character of Power was inspired by South Park’s Eric.

When one compares Eric and Power, one would notice a lot of similarities between the two. For instance, they both are self-centered, narcissistic, liars, and many more. Given that Fujimoto confirmed that he is a fan of South Park, it is not shocking that he decided to take some characteristics from it.

Apart from Power, the author also noted that Denji and Pochita’s dynamic is inspired by the bond shared between Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.

Chainsaw Man was an idea that developed during Fire Punch

Fire Punch is another manga written by Fujimoto. While it has a large fan following, it has not been adapted into an anime even though fans have been hoping that MAPPA would make it happen.

In the same interview, Fujimoto revealed that it was during Fire Punch that he thought about the character of Chainsaw Man. However, he was yet to find what narration would be best for it.

He ultimately found the best storyline that made The Chainsaw Man’s story intense and interesting.

Will there be a season 2?

Chainsaw Man season 1 ended with 12 episodes and looking at all the signs that are in front of us, fans can definitely expect a second season.

Popular anime leaker JaymesHanson had previously claimed that MAPPA has already started production on the second season of the show. He hinted that the first season was supposed to have two parts, but this was changed due to production issues.

While MAPPA has not officially confirmed a release, given that the anime has a lot of content from the manga, the return of Chainsaw Man seems highly likely.

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