I am not a gamer (although I will play most silly casual games you can find), but I do think that putting together one of the hottest games this year together with the classic puzzle, Rubik’s Cube, is brilliant.

Enter Chris Myles ((Flickr)) with his customized Rubik’s Cube, which is inspired by Portal 2. For non-gamers like me, Portal 2 is a puzzle game which utilizes the first person perspective. If I understand it correctly, the objective of the game is to solve the series of puzzles that your character will face throughout the game. You have to navigate the various rooms, and you have to use the portal guns to teleport from one place to another. That being said, I have no experience with the game as I previously stated. Still, one look at Chris Myle’s handiwork, and I am really tempted to check it out.

Portal 2 Rubik's Cube
Portal 2 Rubik's Cube

How did he get the Portal 2 Rubik’s Companion Cube done? He simply got hold of an old Rubik’s Cube, some sticker remover, SolidWorks, a 3D printer, super glue, paint, and clear coat. (While I was going through the list, I couldn’t help but be stuck on the fact that this guy has a 3D printer. Oh, the wonderful things he can create!)

He even has a turret to accompany the Portal 2 Rubik’s Companion Cube.

Portal 2 Rubik's Cube and Turret
Portal 2 Rubik's Cube and Turret

And in case you think that this Rubik’s Cube can only serve as eye candy, let me tell you to think again! This toy is fully functional and can be solved. As to whether or not it is easier to solve than your conventional Rubik’s Cube, I have no idea. Here’s the solved Portal 2 Rubik’s Companion Cube.

Portal 2 Rubik's Cube Solved
Portal 2 Rubik's Cube Solved

Sad to say, it doesn’t seem that the creator is selling his creation. If you visit his Flickr page and ask nicely, he might cut you a deal, though.

If you can’t have a Rubik’s Cube this cool, then you’ll just have to settle for learning how to solve a regular cube in 20 moves.

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