You may love Portal, but you can’t express your love the way that Jason Craft can. He’s a visual effects artist, and he created this fantastic short film to show what it would be like if the Portal gun existed in real life — and a regular guy and his buddies got their hands on one.

Craft’s video, Portal: Terminal Velocity, stars himself and a pair of his friends, who start out just having fun with their Portal gun, but ultimately end up goofing on each other, with some pretty spectacular results. That ending is just pure geeky joy.

All of the visual effects were done by Jason Craft, and perhaps most impressively, even the Portal gun itself is a CGI construct. For filming, he used a coffee can with tracking markers on it, and then put that incredibly realistic-looking gun in over top of the can in post.

I’m convinced: this guy is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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