Post-International Beer Day History Lesson

Cheers to IBD!

How fare your heads the day after celebrating International Beer Day? This is the first year that I actually went out to celebrate the holiday, and last night’s experience will surely be repeated in 2011. All those different kinds of beer did take their toll, though. My Friday night’s going to be as tame as a little girl taking a nap.

While on this “low time,” what better companion can I have than an infographic on the history of beer? The existence of this infographic was actually made known to me by another of our own Forever Geekers.  Yesterday, I was torn between this piece and the Oatmeal comics – the silly cartoons got the best of me.

However, if, like me, you’ve had one bottle too many last night, actually drinking the magic elixir is probably the last thing on your list right now. That doesn’t mean a short history lesson won’t prove to be an interesting way to pass your Friday morning!

I guess beer has been around for as long as anyone can remember – literally. No one has been able to pinpoint the exact date that mankind discovered fermentation, but we’re all indebted to whoever discovered it.

Some more snippets of information:

  • Beer was dubbed the drink of barbarians by the Greeks and the Romans.  I love wine as much as the next person, but I can’t deny the allure of beer – can you?
  • Between 13o0s and the 1500s, “brew witches” were persecuted for creating brews mixed with herbs that could poison the drinker.  I guess the saying “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” takes on a totally different meaning in this case!
  • 1759 marks a great year in the history of beer.  This was when Arthur Guinness brewed the first Guinness stout.
  • Beer Pong was invented at Dartmouth University in 1950.

Beer has indeed gone a long way.  As the infographic says, who knows, beer just might be the solution to the energy crisis in the future?

I hope you enjoyed that mini-history lesson.  I promise this is the last time I will post about beer – till next IBD, maybe.

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