Problems With Technology That Only Techie Geeks Can Handle

Technology is awesome; it’s the answer to most of our problems, and definitely, a means of a stress-free life. That is the case when technology works the way it is supposed to. Before the arrival of technology, we did everything ourselves. Time was wasted, more energy was expounded, and a lot of areas were left unexplored. Now, however, we can sit at home and connect with millions of other people across the globe. We have the means of transportation that defy gravity and ways to communicate information from wherever we are. In addition, science has seen some of the biggest breakthroughs due to higher forms of technology.

A lot of us have the habit of running to Google or some other search engine as soon as a problem arises, mostly because there is almost certainly going to be an answer or solution there. The tech gurus at offer help through articles covering a full range of tech subjects including how-to’s, reviews, and DIY tips and tricks. Sometimes, this works out just fine, at other times, not so well; and you could end up getting yourself in even bigger trouble.

So, what happens when your computer slows down, or your internet connection gets lost completely? Maybe that’s the right time to call in the help of a computer expert.

Computer lags

This is one of the most common problems PC users experience. No matter how many times you click on a page or an icon, your computer takes its sweet time to open it. You have to exercise saint-like patience here, or you could risk damaging your system out of frustration. Some of the reasons your PC is slowing down could be an over full hard drive or a virus.

Lost internet connection

It’s sad, but our lives are now almost completely tied to our access to the internet. So, when we are unable to go online, even for a few minutes, it can be extremely disappointing. Sometimes, the problem isn’t actually arising from your computer. Your router or modem could be the cause, and your Internet Service Provider is the one to contact to solve the situation. Once you contact your ISP’s customer care and speak to a technical support team, they should be able to let you know if the problem is from their end or yours.

A software update gone bad

Phone users regularly complain about this issue. If you are unfortunate to fall into the numbers, be secure in the knowledge that you are not alone. Our phones regularly give us notifications to update the phone software. Updating software is something any tech geek would recommend, as these new updates come with bug fixes and improved user experience. But, what happens when you finally click on the “download update” option and all hell breaks loose on your phone? Some updates are actually bad for your phone, and you may be stuck with unsuccessful update installations. When this happens, your phone remains in the boot page, unable to complete the process because the old software is gone, and the new one can’t be installed. The internet would offer you a boatload of advice, but the ultimate solution would be a visit to a tech person. In most cases, they will have to perform a “flash” on your device with software downloaded to their PC. This is not something most people can handle themselves. Rather than risk causing more damage to your phone, take it straight to the tech geek.

Hardware problems

Whereas you could try solving some of the software issues your computer or mobile phone presents, hardware issues require the aid of a technologist for sure. Hardware problems are considered one of the most severe technology problems. Your USB ports, speakers, and keyboard are all parts of your hardware system. Maybe your USB ports do not recognize external devices plugged in, or your speakers have stopped functioning. When any of these parts malfunction, you need to call in the help of a tech geek. Most times, the parts will need to be repaired or changed.

Today, we are living in a world where if your computer or mobile phone breaks down or your internet connection is lost, this can translate into a loss of time and money. So not knowing what to do and who your go-to persons are when that happens can definitely result in undesirable consequences. And you definitely don’t want to fiddle with something you don’t understand. So when the going gets rough, give a call to a techie who you trust can solve the issue in no time.

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