The Pros and Cons of DC and Marvel on Screen

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DC Pros

DC Pro #1: DC started it off.


Don’t get me wrong I think that the television shows were great; Hulk starring Lou Ferrigno, the Spider-Man series’ and of course the old cheesy Batman series starring Adam West as Batman. However, for me, I think the thing that brought Superheroes to the big screen were the Superman and Batman movies in the 80’s and 90’s. Maybe my age makes me biased but the effects used in Superman starring Christopher Reeve was said to make people believe a man could fly for the first time. Says it all really.

DC Pro #2: DC played the Batman card.


DC hired Christopher Nolan to Direct the Batman Begins film that was released in 2005 after not hearing much from about the Bat. Fans everywhere loved it and it was a great opening film to start the trilogy that we know and love today.

DC Pro #3: Casting Heath Ledger as Mr. J


Everyone loved the Joker and even though some people say that he was over credited for Heath’s version of Batman’s favourite villain. People thought it was a risk asking the pretty boy from ‘Broke Back Mountain’ but he nailed the role and will be forever remembered for that performance. RIP.

DC Pro #4: ARROW


After Smallville the fans were devastated but as we all know all good things must come to an end. In this case, however, when the door closed a window opened. CW aired ARROW in 2012 starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. I think this was a great move for DC because they started opening up the DCU away from just Batman and Superman and gave a lesser known DC character a shot at his own series. And hey, it’s such a success that is has led to an up-coming Flash series.

Marvel Pros

Marvel Pro #1: Marvel nailed X-men.


Bryan Singer started the X-men franchise way back in 2000. The successes lead to a future trilogy, Wolverine solo films and there is still more to come. For me I think it was purely due to the actors and actresses that took their roles as if they walked of the comic books. Hugh Jackman is perfect as a modern day Wolverine, Patrick Stewart was born for the role as Professor X and Ian McKellen makes a brilliant bitter Magneto.

Marvel Pro #2: Casting Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.


With casting every actor in a role where the film determines the future of the franchise, it’s always a risk. Robert Downey Jr. was no exception. Despite his performance drawing people in to the character, Robert has a lot of skeleton in his closet. Alcoholism, drugs, rehab etc. I suppose his looks aren’t the only features similar the metal head. He made us love Iron Man and there for was a big reason why the Avengers was such a success.

Marvel Pro #3: Tom Hiddleston is Loki.


People say that Tom Huddleston’s Loki is the most loved villain since Heath Ledgers Joker. I couldn’t agree more. He looks the part, he has the perfect smile, British (American’s always love a good British villain) and he plays the part of the jealous mischievous brother of Thor so effortlessly. There’s a reason why Thor is the 2nd favourite Avenger after Iron Man, Loki.

Marvel Pro #4: They had Joss Whedon Direct The Avengers.
The build up to the Avengers was very well done, each character had their origins explained enough to have them I the Avengers team. Some and were upset that the original Avengers team in the comics weren’t the ones on screen but the team worked well and the film was such a success because of Joss Whedon. The connection between the team, the humour was all thanks to him and the team.

DC Cons

DC Con #1: DC was absent when Marvel stepped up to the screen.
For me I think Marvel stepped up in the noughties when they created both the X-men and Spider-Man trilogies. They gave Marvel a foot in the door and meant people were open to seeing the Hulk and the Iron Man films. They took the characters seriously and the 80’s and 90’s Batman films never really got the seriousness Batman deserved. It wasn’t until 2005 with Batman Begins till DC had a serious superhero film.

DC Con #2: They tried to continue the Superman story from the 80’s with Superman Returns.
Before the Christopher Nolan Batman films, DC tried to bring the Cape back to the big screen by carrying on from the Christopher Reeve stories. Really bad idea. It was just bad, Brandon Routh looked the part yeah but the story was weak and the gap between films was too big to pass off. They should have just waited until Man of Steel.

DC Con #3: Green Lantern


DC Con #4: They made Superman kill General Zod.
I wasn’t too upset myself because I understood the symbolism of Superman killing Zod. Not all fans saw it that way. They took a big chance killing of a very powerful villain when they plan to team up the Justice League. I hope for DC’s sake that the decision to make Ben Affleck Batman will not bomb the film. If it does, DC will have wrecked the two biggest superheroes on the planet…

Marvel Cons

Marvel Con #1: Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.
My favourite comic to read as a teenager was the Ultimate Spider-Man. I just don’t think that Toney Maguire was right for Peter Parker. First he looks in his late 20’s when he is meant to still be at school and despite looking nerdy he just seemed boring as spidey.

Marvel Con #2: They made The Hulk.


I don’t even need to explain myself with this one.

Marvel Con #3: Marvel planned a whole TV series around Phil Coulson.
I’m not going to lie, I was so excited for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D after The Avengers and I couldn’t wait for them to bring back Coulson, who we all assumed, died. Disappointingly I didn’t really get drawn in with the first episode and the only thing I really liked about it was the S.H.I.E.L.D signs everywhere and the fancy gadgets.

Marvel Con #4: Mandarin.
Last but not least. Marvel has up to this point been quite good with characters and hasn’t messed around with the storylines but in Iron Man 3. The twist, I’ll admit, I didn’t expect but it wasn’t in a good way. Ben Kingsley was funny in the role but again fans don’t like it when the mess about with characters, especially when it’s kind of humiliating.

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