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Protect Yourself From Zombies With This Resident Evil Jacket

How, you ask? How could a piece of clothing possibly made in China could protect you from an onslaught of hungry and rabid undead who want to rip off your skin as if it were a taffy? We don’t know either, but the Resident Evil franchise has got it all figured out; so much so, that they’re protagonists are the most fashionable zombie slayers around. Still, you’d want to look good in such a predicament, and the Resident Evil jacket should make that possible.

Presenting the officially-licensed Resident Evil 2 Raccoon City Police Department Jacket. It’s the one popularly worn by Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2 and the remake.

Of course, being a jacket, it comes with its own hoodie because it seems to always be raining in Raccoon City for some reason. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the lore, this Resident Evil jacket right here is the standard-issue Raccoon City Police Department training apparel. That means you get to feel like a proper badass rookie, much like Leon.

They usually use it for field day training, and for when zombies break into the Police Department and start munching on anyone’s bare skin. Anyway, this jacket is made from a comfortable material and has an embroidered “R.P.D.” badge on the shoulder to make it look more official. It also comes with the standard R.P.D. abbreviation at the front and back to let everyone know you mean business.

Sizes range from small, medium, or large. Meanwhile, the jacket will only set you back $65 or £49.99, delivery is free if you live in the U.K. In any case, you probably need a new jacket since you’ll likely be shutting yourself at home for a gaming marathon when the Resident Evil 3 remake hits the stores in April. So, grab yourself an RPD jacket!

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