PS3 Firmware Details Leaked

There’s no secret around the fact that the PS3 is destined to have a firmware update coming fairly soon. What is perhaps more of a mystery is exactly what this update will bring, the benefits, and sometimes of course, the disadvantages. Over at Game Trailers, a forum user has given details from his ‘friend who works in R&D at Sony‘ that includes a range of features that the forthcoming 2.7 firmware update will bring. Here’s the list:

Friends List:
– Voice Messaging is now available as an alternative to text after selecting a user on the friends list. Voice message recordings are capped at 30 seconds.
– Home Integration: Saved PlayStation Home avatar photos can be selected as photo ID for Gamer Card/Friends List.
– Trophy number and Gamer Level are listed under Friend names for quick reference.

Gamer Card & Trophies:
– Gamer Card layout has been changed to more closely resemble the PlayStation Store aesthetic.
– Past Trophy information can be viewed in detail by selecting “Recent Trophy History” option.
– Newly acquired trophies auto-sync in the background
– Server infrastructure for Trophies has been optimized. Resulting in faster retrieval time for Gamer Card and Trophy information.

In-Game XMB:
– Loading time for In-Game XMB has been drastically reduced, resulting in a more seamless in-game experience.
– “Theme settings” options while in-game is now available, allowing custom themes to be applied to the In-Game XMB.
– Internet Browser can now be accessed while in-game.
– Voice messaging and voice chat options can be used while in-game.
– Options that cannot be used in the XMB during game sessions are grayed out (but still selectable) to eliminate user accessibility confusion.

The biggest benefits? I think people will naturally flock to the voice messaging (something the Xbox 360 has had for a long time now), the “Recent Trophy History” sounds quite interesting and the “Theme settings” could be good. The improved game integration will be a boon to all. Overall, I think if this leak is true, then PS3 owners are in for a treat of new options when the firmware update, 2.7, arrives.

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