PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio: How Are They the Same And How They Are Different?

So one minute ago, there was Xbox One and PS4. That was it. Then I left the room to pee, came back, and now there is an Xbox Scorpio (which sounds like a boss to badass japanese game) and a PS4 Pro (which sounds like a PS4 that got up, left your house, and got a job and started a family or something). Come to find out, the changes between the consoles is nothing major to write home about.
Simple version?
The leap between the eight generation of consoles and 9th is going to be so small, we have already almost reached the apex. So now, we are essentially getting Xbox One.5 and PS4.5. These new console drops will make it so Sony and Microsoft won’t have to worry about another console for at least another five years. But what are the differences between your regular 8th gen system and these upgrades? On top of that, what is the difference between the Scorpio and PS4 Pro? All fair questions, all somewhat answered in the following video by Gameranx:
So there you have it. Very little. That’s what’s different. Hey, I speak truths, people. Sorry but someone has to do it in this massive landscape of soulless game journalists. Microsoft and Sony just want more of your money for a console that is a slight upgrade.
There, someone said it.
*But if I go missing in next week you know why
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