PSP 1.50 Welcoming Article

Inspired by the PSPupdates site I decided to a simpler version of what newly “downverted” PSP owners should know in order to start enjoying the fun homebrew scene in legal ways without much or any knowledge of what they should do.

“So what do I need to know?” – Patience young Padawan, we shall get to that in the next paragraph.

First of all, you need to know where to actually get your programs from. I recommend the pspupdates and PSP-Spot sites.

You can connect your PSP to your PC by two means:

  • a USB cable with the following two sides* (*pictured below)
  • a Memory Stick Duo reader (see froogle I guess)

(In case you’re connecting your PSP to the PC via USB cable you need to turn it on, go to the “Settings Menu” and select “USB Connection” with your USB cable connected before or after (of course).

Third, you need to know where to put the files. The files should all be placed under “X:\PSP\GAME” (where X is of course the letter the PSP was given on your computer).

The programs usually come zipped or rar’ed and when you extract them you will usually have one of the 3:

  • all of the necessary folders so you just need to drag and drop to the root of your PSP (or Memory Stick Duo)
  • two folders with names such as “EXAMPLE” and “EXAMPLE%”
  • One file called EBOOT.PBP

In the case of the latest one, to install the program you need to first create two folders with the same name, except one has an % at the end and copy the EBOOT.PBP file to both of them.

In case of the second, you just need to copy the two folders to “X:\PSP\GAME”.

If you wish to read some tips on what you can with your PSP continue reading for a mini FAQ.

“Now that I downgraded I can’t change my wallpaper, what do I do? *snif snif*”

Well, that question actually has two answers. A good one, and a bad one. The good one is that you can change your PSP’s wallpaper by means of a program called PSPersonalize. The bad news is that you can’t use jpegs or any other format than 24bit BMPs and they can’t be more than 150kb, so yes the image you choose will have to be a tad smaller than the PSP’s resolution and yes it will be “stretched”, although, you don’t notice the stretching much, the effect isn’t that bad.

If you don’t have the patience to edit your own wallpapers you can always go to site and choose from one of the many wallpapers there, already 2.0 and 1.50 formatted (don’t worry, no rappers or fat mechanics there to tear your PSP apart).

“How do I get rid of the “Corrupted Data” icons?”

There’s a neat little program called Sei PSP Tool that allows you do this, however, you can only do it by having your PSP connected to your PC via USB Cable. You can download it from here.

If you have any other questions, write a comment with your doubt and I’ll try to answer it here, just don’t ask me what the meaning of life is (but in case you don’t know, it’s beer).

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