PSP firmware 3.03 downgrader

*Disclaimer* – ForeverGeek does not endorse, or promote, piracy. There is a small chance that by downgrading your console you might render it useless, so remember to proceed only if you really want to take that risk.

One of the consistent problems that the PSP has is the lack of support for homebrew programs. Back when it was released, this wasn’t much of a problem, because people could easily create downgraders and install applications as they wished.

But ever since version 2.0, the only way to make your PSP able to run homebrew is by using the Grand Theft Auto game that has a security vulnerability that allows you to access the console’s kernel. This latest downgrader is no different, you will still need a copy of GTA: Liberty City Stories. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Update to firmware 3.03. If already have this firmware then proceed to step 2.
2. Open the 3.03 downgrade file and copy the contents of the folder MS_ROOT to the root of your memory stick.
3. Open the 1.5 update and rename the EBOOT.PBP to UPDATE.PBP then copy it to /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/
Make sure not to overwrite PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP
4. Load Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (unpatched)
5. It should get to loading save game, clear the screen, the screen should fill with a light blue color and then reset the PSP
6. Check that HEN is running by going to system settings then System Information and it should show up as system version 303 HEN
7. If it is showing up as 3.03 HEN then go to the memory stick and run the x.yz update
8. Before the downgrader does anything to your PSP it will ask for you to agree to what it is doing
If you no longer want to continue press the Right Shoulder Button (R-TRIGGER).
9. Once you have agreed to start the downgrade do not unplug the PSP
10. Once finished the PSP will ask you to press X, after pressing it will reset it self.
11. If it comes up saying that the settings are corrupt press X to continue.
12. Enjoy your new shiny 1.5 PSP.

If you notice those steps carefully, you’ll realize that there are two version of the Liberty City Stories game. One is unpatched, and allows you to load homebrew applications, or even downgrade the console, the more recent version is patched, and therefore you can’t use the same exploit.

How can you tell if your copy of GTA is patched or not?

Unpatched versions of Liberty City Stories contain the 2.0 update, whereas patched versions contain higher updates. If your copy of LCS has an update higher than 2.0 on it, then you will have to find an unpatched UMD to proceed.

If you manage to get an unpatched version of GTA, and manage to get your PSP to an older firmware, then you can install a custom firmware and start enjoying homebrew software on your console, like console emulators, classic games (like Quake), or to have the ability to convert and run your Playstation 1 titles from it.

You can find more information in the original article.

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