PSP Games for the non-homebrew-able

Some, or many of you complain that homebrew developers never create that “holy grail” downgrader that will enable users to downgrade and upgrade their PSP as many times as they want. While a flashable modchip will soon arrive on various online stores, not everyone wants to open up their PSP and lose it’s warranty.

So, what choice do you, the user, have when your PSP’s firmware version is more recent than 2.0? Read on, you might just be playing homebrew (in one form or another) on your PSP.

If your PSP has one of the following: 2.01, 2.5 or 2.6 firmwares, you can already begin enjoying 76% of all the currently available roms. The only catch, is that you have to buy GTA: Liberty City Stories in order to do that. However, I don’t think any of you should, or would, be disgusted by that, since it is, one of the must get games for the PSP.

This is all thanks to Edison Carter, who’s first homebrew application on these firmwares, his CheatDevice for GTA:LCS) enabled the homebrew community to follow his footsteps and bring the rest of the homebrews along.

Another great developer, known only as Fanjita, used Carter’s exploit and developed a homebrew loader for PSPs with firmware versions superior to 2.0.

So if you head on over to, you’ll be able to play most of the available homebrews in no time.

What if you have a 2.70 or superior firmware?

Well, the truth is that currently there is no way to use homebrew programs. Or at least, not in the form you know them.

If you, like me, remeber the times when there was no homebrew on the 2.0. Users had to like web browser games that used JavaScript. Yes, those were dark days indeed. However, with the release of the latests firmware, there is currently nothing stopping users from making flash games for the PSP to play on the browser, and that is exactly where the X5 project is going. A program that runs on every PSP after 2.0 and that gives you easy and fast access to various applications and games. So head on over to their homepage, and give it a spin.

There is also a ModChip coming soon. So if you really want homebrew and the latest features that much it you will soon be able to get both in the same package. Though I find it a bit silly, on Sony’s behalf, that some users will have to pay more in order to use their PSP’s full potential.

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