Punch! for the iPad Brings You Back to the Days of MAD Magazine

PUNCH Culture Shelf

Does anyone remember
MAD magazine from the old days? I do remember it, if only because I was not allowed to get my hands on it. Of course, my classmates had copies, and I had the chance to sneak a look or two now and then.

If you loved that kind of content, then you might want to check out this iPad app called Punch!

Punch! is the brainchild of David S. Bennahum, Maer Roshan, Ethan Fletcher, Dany Levy, and Daniel Wyszynski. This magazine has a simple concept: pull together fun stuff that one can find online and make them interactive. Punch! is free, but you do have to be of age to access it.

Punch! Download

Obviously, you simply have to click OK, and you’re good to go. In any case, I did not encounter content that I would not share with my cousins younger than 18!

Browsing Punch! is intuitive, although you do get some guidance from the get go.

Punch! Instructions

From there, you can have all the silly fun that you want. As you can expect with the reference to MAD magazine, Punch! is not what you will open if you want serious reading. For that bit of comic relief (like watching Putin sing Blueberry Hill, for example), though, you can do a lot worse than this iPad app.

Here’s a snippet from their press release.

Punch! is an interactive satirical app that redefines the content experience with game-like engagement and razor sharp design. Punch! fuses the experience of mobile games with real-time web offerings to present content in a way that can only exist on a tablet. It is a new iPad Platform that encourages users to “play with pop culture.”

Punch! produces original content exclusively showcased in “The Culture Shelf,” a series of scrollable shelves presenting diverse cultural offerings – both high and low. Punch! feels like an interactive variety show, featuring a range of pop culture sketches and vignettes that combine animation, sound, web applications such as YouTube and Google Maps, and social sharing tools.

Need your pop culture fix? Download Punch! from the App Store!

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