Punk Archaeologists Dig Out a Ton of 80s Video Games

Punk’s not dead! At least to these archaeologists who are part of a relatively recent movement called “punk archaeology”. While “punk” and “archaeology” are not usually used in the same sentence (at least in a casual conversation), punk archaeology is an alternative branch of the science which studies more recent history, as opposed to digging out ruins of, say, ancient Rome.


The term sounds cool, and even cooler is that some punk archaeologists found an amazing cache of 80s video games in New Mexico during a dig in April.

What were those 80s video games doing there?

Apparently, back in 1982, Atari got the rights to make a video game based on Spielberg’s E.T., which has a special place in our hearts, I’m sure. As special as the movie was (is), Atari’s video game was a huge messy flop, and countless copies remained unsold.

Atari’s response? Let’s bury them in a landfill and forget this miserable video game!

So that’s what the punk archaeologists found, which is probably rather depressing in a sense that the game is nothing to be exited about; but to their delight, they also found other 80s video games which took them down memory lane.

I doubt that the games found are still playable, but the mere idea of tons of games buried in a landfill is weirdly cool. Then again, the PC brigade will probably blast Atari for being environmentally irresponsible in getting rid of their unsold games. Add insult to injury, will you?


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