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I’m not sure how wide a release Rec received in the US, but here in the UK it got a smaller release than it deserved.  Rec, in case you didn’t hear, is a unique take on the zombie movie.  It is shot in the same way as Cloverfield, from a hand held video camera.  This time though, instead of a weird monster, you’ve got people catching some sort of unnatural disease.

Rec is now being remade into an American speaking release called Quarantine, featuring Jennifer Carpenter and Jonathon Schaech.  It plays out a little differently to Rec, in that the ‘video camera’ is found by a military clean-up crew after the initial disaster, just as Cloverfield’s video is found.  That being the case, I’m guessing this is the next big thing in American cinema and we’ll be seeing a few more of these.

Judging by the trailer
, Quarantine is going to be an almost scene-for-scene remake of Rec, in much the same way that The Grudge was of Ju-On.  Once again though, this is no bad thing as Rec is an extremely tightly scripted, shocking and terrifying film.  In fact it was so good, I went to see it again.  Although a lot of the shocks are predictable, when they happen you’ll still damn-near jump out of your skin.

The way in which the tension ratchets up a notch with every body that goes missing/gets bitten, it really does keep you on the edge of your seat.  Naturally, the hand held camera is used to serve up bucketloads of atmosphere that you wouldn’t normally get and for this reason, I’m pretty sure that Quarantine will be a good film – if not as great as the original.

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