Quick List of Portable Gadgets for Holiday Season

A trip can give you an incentive to take portable electronic gadgets with you or purchase them for someone who would love getting their hands on one. Some gadgets like portable phone chargers are designed with ease of your lifestyle in mind. But even small, portable gadgets can take up the limited space you have to travel with. So what you need is a list of portable gadgets so you can decide what would fit your traveling lifestyle the best.

This list includes everything from different sizes of luggage to must-have gadgets to help you while traveling on the road by car or RV.

Avid Photographers will Love This Tripod


If the main part of your trip is for taking photos, sight-seeing or making lots of videos as you enjoy what you are experiencing, you’ll love this tripod. Vanguard Alta 225CT tripod gives you the perfect angle for your best shot. This barely weighs anything (all of 810g), has five sections to it and stretches to 42cm.

This tripod will easily fit into a somewhat long backpack or bag.

Unique Sandals


Don’t forget to take Mens Quencha TQT (Thirst Quinching Technology) sandals from Reef sport, an airbag inside the heel of the sandal and a comfortable strap. What makes these sandals stand out is the built-in bottle opener attached underneath the sandal. We know that the comfort of footwear is must for traveling, walking outside or hiking, so select the best sandals according to the nature of your trip to make it as convenient as you can.

Nearly Indestructible Camera


It is also known as a Panasonic DMC-FT5 model camera. The camera that can go nearly everywhere, including under water. Imagine a camera with a built-in GPS. That is what this features. It tags photos as you capture your traveling moments and automatically tells you where the photos were taken. So even if you happen to forget a particular photo, it won’t matter.

Plus, it was built with ruggedness in mind. It could survive a few tumbles and falls with the orange protective-guard on the outside of it. This sounds like an accident-proof camera. Even take this camera during your diving, snorkeling and swimming trips. This amazing gadget has been built to stand up to this kind of fun.

Night Vision and Flash Light in One

Never get stranded in the dark on a hike again, or at least minimize the chances of it. Get night vision and a flash light in one, with multiple settings. The brightest setting makes it bright enough to easily hike just before the sun comes up. While the lower setting will help you find your hotel or house keys in the dark.

It’s supposed to be really comfortable to wear which is helpful since it would become useless if it was a heavy headpiece. It should also include a flashing mode with efficient battery performance. Night vision devices are incredibly nice during hunting trips and late night hikes to see all kinds of natural sights like the beautiful stars at night.

Waterproof Backpack for the Adventurous People


Thule Perspektiv’s SLR Daypack to be specific! Use it for camping, hiking, traveling and more. Little compartments for storing your camera, lenses, snacks, and other belongings make this convenient and easy to throw stuff in.

It has been built for comfort while trekking all over town or on a camping trip in the mountains. It has little storage compartments for carrying SD cards and a tripod clip.

With the holidays here and winter traveling, hiking and camping around the corner, someone on your Christmas list would get a lot of use from many of these items. Avid campers would love the sturdy camera especially if they love to get memories from their trips.

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