Quick Takes - Comic Book Reviews for 6/28/2007

Fantastic Four #546 – I can see the conversation now….”Hey guys, we need the Silver Surfer and Galactus in Fantastic Four when the movie comes out.” the editor says.

“Ok, does the story have to be any good?”

“No, not really.”

This book features the Silver Surfer, Galactus, has a huge cosmic feel to it, and what is the point of the thing? To bring Gravity back from the dead…not in a new role, or anything, it ultimately leaves him just as he was before he died…making deat – yet AGAIN – worthless in comic books.

Grade: C

Countdown #44 – This week’s edition of Countdown didn’t even merit its own review. Why? Because it just wasn’t any good. The art is horrible, and basically all we see are Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel (if he’s even called that anymore – Judd Winick you are an asshole) have a fight over her new powers, Jimmy shoots spikes out of himself, the Rogues talk about killing the Flash, and the Monarch talks to Forerunner.

Grade: C

Fantastic Four #547 – (I picked up both #546 and #547 this week) the “New Fantastic Four” arc continues, and includes witty banter about Black Panther going to the bathroom, and Storm’s hair “not being a weave”. Seriously, this is just plain crap.

This is a flagship book…why isn’t it being treated like it?

Grade: C

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