13 Quirky Halloween Costumes Geeks Will Love

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to pull out all the stops for your costume. You want yours to be the cleverest and geekiest on any floor. To do so, you’ll have to pull out your best pop-culture references, plays on words, and geeky knowledge.

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Christmas Gift Wrap


The irony won’t be lost on your guests when you show up as a Christmas-themed item on Halloween. Here’s the best part: This costume is pretty easy to pull off. You can get a full suit made from Christmas-printed material that looks exactly like Christmas gift wrap. Just add a bow or ribbon to your hair, and you’re all ready for Christmas… I mean Halloween…

2. Smarty Pants 

If you had a nickel for every time someone called you smarty pants in your lifetime, you could pay off your student loans. Why not take the comment to heart and make it your Halloween costume this year? All you need is a few dozen Smarties candies taped to your pants. 

3. A Freudian Slip

We’ve all been embarrassed by the proverbial Freudian slip. Sometimes we just can’t hold back what’s on our minds, even if we really should.

This is one situation where it’s totally acceptable—and hilarious—to make your Freudian slip front and center. All you need is a dress slip that says “id,” “superego,” “regression,” “transference,” and other Freudian ideologies on it.

4. Dumbledora the Explorer

Why not take two favorite pop culture icons and mash them together? This Halloween costume involves the beard, glasses, and wand of Dumbledore, and the classic bob-cut hair, pink shirt, orange shorts, and purple backpack of Dora the Explorer.

5. French Kiss


Heavy metal-lovers will love this play on words. You’ll need four friends to pull it off. Each person will do the face paint of their favorite Kiss band member, but they’ll dress up like a Frenchman with a striped white and black shirt, black pants, and a French poet cap.

6. Fantasy Football

You don’t have to like football to enjoy this costume. Instead, dress up as your favorite fantasy character—preferably someone with a long beard, pointy hat, and Renaissance garb—and put a football in your hand. You can successfully make fun of one of sports enthusiasts’ favorite autumn pastimes.

7. Hairy Potter

You could dress up as one of the world’s favorite wizards…or you could dress up in a hilarious spoof involving a pottery worker and a lot of fake hair. You’ll need a huge hair wig, a potter’s apron covered in clay stains, and maybe some fake arm or leg hair to complete the image.

8. Cereal Killer


Who doesn’t love a good play on words, especially when it turns something extremely frightening into a harmless joke? Attach old cereal boxes to a shirt and stick a few small darts, fake knives, or arrows through each one. Add a little false blood for good measure, and you’ll be the epitome of the classic cereal killer. Or, go the Sherlock way.

9. Heavy Metal Rock Band

Remind everyone that there’s more than one kind of heavy metal rock out there—copper, nickel, cobalt, iron, manganese, chromium, just to name a few. Get a group of friends in on this costume that involves a plain t-shirt for each participant with a different periodic table symbol representing a heavy metal.

10. A Formal Apology

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to wear a suit and tie other than a wedding, try this costume on for size. Dress up in your favorite suit. Grab a fabric marker or Sharpie, and write “sorry” in vertical formation on an old tie before tying it around your neck. Get it? 

11. Taco Belle

Whether or not you love America’s largest Tex-Mex food chain, you’ll love this clever costume for women. Dress up in a puffy yellow ballgown similar to that of Belle’s in Beauty and the Beast, and attach Taco Bell wrappers or pictures of tacos to the skirt. Bring a to-go box of Taco Bell tacos to the party for good measure!

12. Reigning Cats and Dogs

Homophones easily make up some of the best ironic Halloween costumes, as you’ve seen in this article so far. Here’s another great example: Dress up like a king or queen with toy cats and dogs attached to your cape. It’s a more whimsical take on a pouring rainstorm.

13. Snakes on a Plane

Although the prospect of snakes on an airplane, just like in the classic movie, is absolutely terrifying, this Halloween costume isn’t so much. As math enthusiasts know, there’s another kind of plane—the X, Y plane used in plotting graphs. Draw that on a t-shirt along with a few snakes, and you’ll have the nerdiest costume wherever you go

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